Road2Tunnel: 3rd International Roads, Bridges and Tunnels Fair

The highway construction movement initiated to make every corner of Turkey reachable, has carried our country to the top in the sector thanks to the implementation of high-tech mega projects which are enthusiastically followed by the world.

As the result of the close follow-up on recent advancements and of the expertise we have acquired from current technics, we have reached a point where we can construct thrilling Mega Projects, such as “The 3-Level Grand İstanbul Tunnel”, and “The Çanakkale 1915 Bridge” with the methods with the least impact on environment and with the highest modern security measures owing to the developing technologies

One of the most important objectives is to pay close heed to and support the scientific and technological innovations and to assess and disseminate the accumulation of technical knowledge, 3. International Roads, Bridges and Tunnels Fair will be held between the dates 3 October and 6 October 2018 at Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Centre in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communications

To discuss the sectorial improvements within the scope of this event, 3. International Roads, Bridges and Tunnels Fair will host undertakers (project, contractor, consultant) who are the national and international shareholders of the road construction projects as well as manufacturers and suppliers of new machines, materials and equipment, which carry the current technology to a step further.

The fair will allow all individuals and organizations operating in the field to observe and explore the indispensable state-of-art technologies for the sector.

As MCI Fair, we welcome and expect the participation of expert engineers working in national and international projects, consultant and contractor companies and public institutions active in the field of road, railway and tunnel constructions as well as academicians from the universities and all manufacturers and suppliers providing the sector with the machines, materials and equipment.